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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

11-20-07 First Post

Hello, my name is Edie Simons but sometimes I go by renelli. You know how on some sites you want to open an account but you have to choose a username, I used to use my email address so I wouldn't forget the username. Then one time it wouldn't allow me to use the email address for the user name and it said not to use your real name. I used to work at a hair salon called "Renelli" when I lived in South Carolina. I liked the name, it was cool and it had a nice RING to it, so I started using that as my username. Now you will see me post sometimes with renelli as the name, it's confusing but I just think of it as a pen name.

This is my new blog. I have never done this before so I'm sure it will have some sort of learning curve. I enjoy reading my firends blogs so much because it is a great way to keep up with what they are doing from day to month, so I decided I would start one of my own. Not that I have so many friends here in Michigan but I have lots of friends from around the US. We have moved so many times that it is hard to keep up with all my friends from Pittsburgh, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston, South Bend, Evansville, Seneca, Saline, and Bloomfield Hills. So if you haven't kept up with me here's what I am doing with life now.

I'm back in Bloomfield Hills for the second time, and although it is cold in the winter it is mild in the summer so it all washes out. I do have a car with heated seats and wouldn't want to live here with out them. Someone from Seneca, SC. said I was spoiled because I had heated seats, and a fur coat but that's just one opinion. I like being warm! It is starting to get cold here now, last weekend I did wear my fur coat for the first time this season and it is so wonderfully warm, no cold air gets into this coat! I do feel sorry about the little mink though... ?

I have agreed to be in a holiday crafting bazar, it's only the second one I've ever agreed to do. These things just don't interest me but for the sake of the organization wanting to make some money and needing vendors I said yes. Last year I participated in my syngogues bazar and this year I am doing the one at work. Yes, I have a full time day job... get's in the way of my art time but it pays the bills. I work at the Jewish Community Center in Oak Park, MI. I am the Sports and Recreation Administrative Assistant and you might not think that this is a very creative job but I have made it into one. Everyone at work knows I like to make stuff so everytime there is an event to organize I get to do the artsy stuff. Recently I made crowns for a presentation and they were customized for each person's role at work. They turned out great, maybe I'll post a picture of them here tomorrow. I also get to work on the kids art programs during the year, since it is a community center we host a number of programs for the community and I always do the art segments. You never know where art can kreep into your life if you just look for a way. A co-worker is taking a new job and leaving us so I created an altered tin just for him. It has all kinds of things that are related to him on it. Here is a picture.Later.

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RonGav said...

Edie, for the record, if allowed the "little" mink would eat you alive.. you needn't feel TOO guilty.. Enjoy your coat..