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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heidi's Gift! It's One of a Kind.

Tonight a co-worker came over to my house to pick up a piece of jewelry that I made to give as a gift. The necklace is really beautiful! It was created with PMC. I began with a fresh orchid blossom, coated with many layers of PMC slip. I added parts of the branch and some PMC extruded out of a clay pump. This piece was fired about 4 different times, each time adding in more extruded clay, which added stability and captured different stones into the design. The back was filed down to a smooth surface using a wheel grinder, varied sand papers and polishing papers. I think it probably took me a total of 30 hours to complete this piece. It was certainly made with a lot of love. The back part of the necklace was beaded with some pearls, faceted quarts, and silver beads. Just lovely!

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