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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Glass Bottle Projects

OK, everyone this is such a cool project and it's really easy too. I've seen a lot of Fairy Jars in magazines, and online but this is my spin on those. You first have to be willing to work with a two part epoxy resin. Envirotech Lite is what I used. You mix it in equal parts, exactly! There is one bottle of hardener and one bottle of resin in the box when you buy it. In the picture above you see the black lid from the hardener which I use as a measure. I put in two caps of hardener and two caps of the resin into the small yellow rubber mixing bowl, then stirred them together slowly for about a minute. The rubber bowl is not in the kit. I found mine at a dollar store. It's nice because after everything hardens up you can squeeze the sides and all the left over resin just peels off.

What I did was print out a picture of my daughter on velum, and trim it up to fit inside this glass globe. Originally this glass was housed in some sort of metal stand but that got lost in a move so all I had left was the globe. It wouldn't stand up because the bottom is round so it was just sitting around. I also had a cute little glass ash tray from long ago hanging around. Not that I ever smoked but I just had it. So you roll up the picture into a tube and shove it up into the globe. When the paper gets in there it unrolls and opens up. Then you pour some of the mixed resin into the ash tray and set the lip of the globe into it to dry. I also added some embellishments into the wet resin and let them dry embedded as permanent decorations.

You could do this with pets pictures too. I'm going to try that next. Please leave me comments if you like this project, or if you don't I love getting them. No one seems to do it though?


Paulette said...

I love this project! Am diggin' your other work too....lots to see here! I am pretty new to the blogger community, assured..I shall! (I'll even leave a comment, or 2..or....hehe).

Thanks, for sharing. Look forward to gettin' to know ya.



renelli said...

Hi Paulette,
Wow, someone is actually talking to me! It's weird, I've been posting to this blog now for a while and you are the first person that wasn't a family member to leave any comment. Thanks for the shout out!
Write again soon.