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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't tell me I'm not FAT!

I know I'm heavier than I used to be, I know I'm older too but I also know that I eat too much. At work all the women are always telling me I'm not fat, that I look fine, that I don't need to cut back on my food intake... stop it! If you are my friend tell me to get moving, to hit the gym, encourage me to loose weight. I pick myself apart a lot and I know I am hard on myself, but you can't miss the fat arms, the huge boobs, and the gut...

I'm almost 50 and I can't continue to look like this. Send me helpful advise if you have any.

Hope to be smaller in a few months

This is now... let's see where I go by November 26th when I actually turn 50.


Debbie said...

I have been a horrible new friend! I am sorry about that! About YOU being FAT... Lordy HAVE MERCY! You are truly a beautiful person! Not only are you beautiful on the outside... you are beautiful on the inside! Keep that lovely smile on your face! oxoxox Love Debbie (guess who and which Debbie!)

renelli said...

Since I only know one it must be Lim! I'll be starting up Zumba again when I get back from my trip!

JCC Staff Israel Trip 2008 said...

Edie....we are back from Israel! Are you ready for the Terri Stearn diet that works!!!!

Tammy said...

I got your link to your site from Suzi Blu's Ning. I want to encourage you in your weight loss endeavors. I have lost 80 pounds and 10 sizes since March by daily exercise, and a low carb, high protien w/veggies diet. I cut out all soda and drink a lot of water. If you're interested in knowing more of what my new "lifestyle" is like for food/fitness you can contact me via my blog at or catch me at Ning user name TammysStudio. =) Hope to hear from you soon.

Annabelle said...

Hi Edie,
Nice to meet you; been making some very nice new friends in Suzi's class and now you.
I'm way over weight {30-40} and take water and heart pills plus Nexium. Just turned 51 in March and I think if I lost the weight and started exercising...i.e., walking the poor dog we both would benefit.My husband also needs to shed some pounds,more for health than cosmetics but that would be a bonus for all of us.
Anyway, Tammy's comment sounds intriguing; I'll have to check it out. Maybe some of us can help each other beat the chubby blues. Again nice to meet you.

renelli said...

I'm ready for any help I can get in the diet and exercise areas so send me your tips.