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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Catching Up:)

Today I went to Plymouth, MI. for an altered art meeting with MISABA, and it was my first time at one of the meetings. Pam Yee made sure I knew about the meeting because it was so close to where I live. Most of the group meetings are held in Grand Rapids and I can never make those meetings. One of the members of this group Ingrid lead us all in making a lovely Butterfly Book, of her own design. I love the way mine turned out! I'll post a picture later.

Well it's time the the Detroit Dirty Show again! Yes in the middle of the recession the show producers have decided that the Detroit area could support a second show this year. Usually this show runs during Valentine's Day week, the last one was the 10th show. Now we are going to have a 10.5 show in September and I have entered another piece of art for jury. I am such a beginner when it comes to painting people that I'll be really surprised if my piece makes it into the show. In my opinion it's just ok and it is a first try at realistic painting ... I'm not holding my breath.

Summer camp has one week down and 7 more to go. The camps at JPM ran really well last week and everything worked out fine. I did have to teach the first day of pottery camp because our teacher got the dates mixed up but guess what? That time I spent teaching art at Hillel Day School really came in handy because I had to teach a pottery/clay building class then and it all came back to me. I'm did a bang up job of pitch hitting for that class if I do say so myself. I did hurt my back lifting a heavy box of clay and ended up taking one day off work to recover but you can't have everything, can you?

One of my good friends Lauren Ferguson just got published in a book (not a magazine) a book! I'm very happy for her. I am also waiting for Suzi Blu to open registrations for her online portrait painting class. She is the reason I even began painting faces. Everything I know about painting faces and bodies I learned from her online Petite Dolls class. It's a wonderful way to learn to paint, and her techniques are easy to follow... so do a search for her and check out all of her classes.

Love you all lots,

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