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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Summer

Summer has been really nice this year, it's the first time in years that Michigan has had sustained high temperatures, and sunny days in a row!!! I'm loving it, but a lot of other people are not so happy because they live here for cooler weather.
Summer festivals are in full swing and I have been enjoying as many as possible. Just walking around and seeing what's new in the different art booths is usually fun for me, but I don't buy much because I look at what's there and say to myself, "I could make that" and I do if the mood strikes me. I don't copy, but I use the idea for inspiration.

Saw the last Happy Potter Movie last night with Al, we had a great Friday evening. This morning we went to an art fair and then came home and went swimming. Tonight...maybe out dancing. Tomorrow we are going to see a Pole Dancing Competition, one of my friends is entered in it, should be interesting. Ok, going to play with my new pool toy now. Enjoy the sun!

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