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Friday, November 4, 2011

Teaching or not teaching?

I have recently started teaching beading and jewelry construction classes at the local Michael's Crafts Store, I love teaching but it's sort of up to me to get people to sign up. If I go to the store and just hang out talking to customers who are buying things in the jewelry section some times I can let them know we offer classes and talk them into taking one, but who wants to spend their days waiting around on someone who might just like a class? 

I wish I knew of another way to get students. Most of the other teachers that I read about online also work some floor hours as either a cashier or stock person but at my store the instructors are not allowed to work other than their classes. I think I might invest in some small fliers that I can give to the cashiers to hand out to jewelry buying customers.

If you can think of an idea hit me up and let me know what you think!


Cindy Chance said...

Hi, Edie! You may have thought of these ideas already but here goes...1) Wear your own creations to advertise what you do. When someone comments on your pieces, have business cards on hand promoting your jewelry making, your classes, and even your blog. 2) Send e-mails to all of your friends and acquaintances or post to FB, Twitter, etc. advertising your latest classes. 3) Offer your own parties/classes sort of like Mary Kay. People can come and buy what you've created and learn techniques to create their own pieces or be directed to your classes at Michael's. 4) Will Michael's post a flyer near the front of the store or in the jewelry findings section?
Well, don't know if these suggestions help but I wish you the best!
Cindy at and

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