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Monday, April 29, 2013

3-D Flower Paintings with images DYI

watch the video on the previous post first. It shows how to create the center of these flowers. You can add beads or not, it's up to you.
Ragu sauce lid with holes drilled to accommodate the wire sewing which will create the loops.
domed with tin foil, tissue paper, poked from behind with long stick so holes are all the way through, from back to front. Now you can sew the wire through the holes. Be sure to secure the wire on the underside before you come back up through the next hole. 

this is a champagne cork and paper clips.

 frozen juice tops work too.

Cut half of a Pom juice bottle in half and melted holes through the plastic for this one, but the holes were made much closer together and a lot more of them were needed.
draw your flowers with pencil then sharpie. 

use hot glue and molding paste for texture. 

 paint gesso all over the painting covering everything.