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Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Felted Purse, & other musings?

My Birthday Present To Me!
I found this beautiful felted purse online from Trish Bloom, and fell in love with it. So I ordered one for myself back in October so I would have it for my B-Day. Trish does such lovely work and she was so easy to work with, she even customized this one for me by making the straps longer and putting tubing inside the straps so they don't stretch. I just love it.
Tomorrow morning I am going to be in a craft show. This is the 3rd show I've ever done and mostly I hate doing them. I get scared talking to the people that walk up to my display, and if you know me I'm not shy, but I am in this situation. I don't understand why I get so nervous? I think somewhere deep inside me I think it's bragging to do these shows, like saying "Hey look at my stuff isn't it great!" Although it is great, wouldn't stand outside and shout about it to strangers, so maybe that's why I get this way... Either way, wish me good luck!

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