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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Airing Your Dirty Laundry?

Well, here is my gripe at the moment. I am never going to talk to a particular person and her husband again, they used me, took advantage of my generosity, and the last straw was when they sued another friend of mine when their dog bite the finger of their child (it was a very small bite, and she was told not to reach into the cage and did anyway). I think when people show you who they really are you should take notice and believe them. The first time I let this woman take advantage of me I said "oh she is my friend, she just didn't realize" and the next time I let the husband take advantage of my good nature I "just checked it off as never do business with friends again" The problem is we belong to the same synagogue and we run in the same circle of friends, which makes it very hard to be around our other friends when I don't want to be in the same room much less be polite.

My husband doesn't agree with me and says I should learn to say NO (which is right) because I get mad later when people don't act like I think they should. I personally would never ask a friend to help me do a project and then leave after the first hour to go do shopping that wasn't done. I would appreciate her helping me and stay till the job was done, I would then send her a thank you card in the mail, or buy her a small gift to say Thank you. I also would not hire my friend to paint a room for me and then wait till she had to call me about payment. I would not make her present me with a printed invoice when you already know the price that was agreed to before the painting took place. I would not ask her if she accepts credit cards (remember this is your friend not a person who has a painting business) and when she says no I don't, continue to whine about how you want the credit card points. So I guess I shouldn't expect other people to act as nice as I do, is that the lesson here?

All of this aside I expected my husband to back me up on this, to be at my side and ignore the offenders... but no he continues to be "CORDIAL" Well, I say sleep with cordial ...then!

Am I wrong? Am I being unrealistic?

The saying in this picture is what I should try to do, but what I want to do is Scream, your supposed to be on my side!


Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu said...

No, you are not wrong, but your husband is also right. I am always on the short end of the stick. I would give my shirt away, knowing damn well that I do not have a bra on.

I have learned that when I say "NO", I am not making their situation any worse than it was before they asked me.

Having said all that, I still say "YES" and I am still getting my feelings hurt.

As far as being nice, in the South we say to people we do not like, "Bless Your Heart".

It is like the Northern "F* you, I can't stand your guts and if I did not object to spitting, I would luggie on you right now."

So lets practice...

Repeat after me...


Nope, you have to say it with a bit more of a Southern twang.


There you go you got it. Go look in the mirror and practice...

love you like cooked food,

renelli said...

You know I used to live in the South, Seneca, SC. to be exact. How did I for get the "Bless Your Heart" thing?

You just crack me up!!