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Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm Not A Very Good Writer!

For the past few days I've been sick with a cold and have spent some time reading other peoples blogs. Some I went to directly like artist Kelly Rae Roberts, because I love her work and others I stumbled into from a link here and there. I guess it never occurred to me before now that leaving a post or message on some one's blog could lead them to mine. So far no one has left me any messages, which I look for each day but I don't know that many people either. I'm not famous, my blog isn't even that interesting "yet". I hope that I will grow into my blogging voice and be able to transmit more feeling into my posts as I work with this form of expression.

At times I think I am very boring and have nothing of interest to say, and other times I think I'm just scared to share my thoughts. That feeling of being scared is more likely the sticking point for me. So for now I just write about easy subject matter and fun light events, but as I am a very open person I'm sure I will grow and so will this blog spot.

I'm going to start ending all of my posts with the phrase "Noodle Dance" it's something that my daughter and I created to mean many things such as - Think Before You Speak, I'm OK- Are You?, and even code for I Love You! I bought my daughter a pink I-Pod and had Noodle Dance inscribed on it when she was in the 7th grade but someone at her school stole it from her~ I digress, anyway
To all of you,
Noodle Dance

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Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu said...

Hey honey,

Can I be the first to say that you are the BEE'S KNEES!!!

I love your work. You challenge me to do better every time I come and take a look at what your brain has convinced your hands to accomplish.

I am proud to know you and blessed to call you friend.