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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reading with Suzi Blu

Well I've never been one to join a book club before, or to really read along with any kind of group other than when my daughter and I took turns reading Harry Potter out loud to each other, but now I'm reading "Wicked" along with Suzi Blu and a lot of others. Tonight I am only on page 130 and just starting the chapter called "The Charmed Circle". The book is moving along at a medium pace and so far has not grabbed me fully, but I'm still plugging along.

I'm going on a field trip tomorrow morning to a blow out sale in Green Lake, MI. I hope to find all kinds of cool craft supplies at good prices, I will probably have to stop in Ann Arbor too. Can't miss a chance to go to The Scrap Box!

I spent 45 minutes waiting in line today at my bank just so I could get a Money Order made out to my new favorite artist Suzi. I'm getting a personal commissioned painting for myself! I'm really excited about this, I usually don't purchase art because I make most everything I'd ever want, but her work is so special that I could never recreate what she does.

Hugs for now,

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