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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do you Zumba

I have to say that I am hooked on Zumba! It is an exercise form that is part dance and very aerobic, all to a Latin beat. It's so much fun if you like to dance. Of course each class can vary and a lot of the chemistry depends on your instructor. I have found the best instructor around, her name is Debbie Lim. My sister Jane takes Zumba in the Pittsburgh area and she too has a really good instructor named Alex. I have checked in on the Zumba class that takes place right where I work and I could take that class for free if I wanted to but... the teacher just doesn't compare... the long and the short of it is if your instructor knows the steps and and lead the class great, but the best instructors know how to be entertaining, friendly, and a bit goofy all at once.

Each song that is played has a specific set of steps and moves, so in actuality you could go to any Zumba class anywhere and know the dances. It's much like Israeli Folk Dancing in that regard. But this is much more fun and believe it or not a great workout. I'm adding Debbie's web site to my blog roll of great places to visit online. So if you happen to be in the Farmington Hills, Michigan area take a class with Debbie, she is wonderful!

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