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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Great Day

Today was a great day even though I missed the Suzi Blu live chat... but I was out on an art materials quest. I heard about a warehouse sale and it sounded pretty good although it was far away from my house. My friend Terri and set out early this rainy Sat. and headed off to Grass Lake, Michigan. We found some really cool stuff at Art quest America, like a whole roll of Stabilized Fabric from Jacquard. It boasts that you can run it through your printer and then paint over it, sort of an advanced paint by color thing. Boxes to decorate, steel rod picture hangers, pearl paints, parchment paper, mica, and Great Tape. Then we drove into a little town called Chelsey and had the best lunch at The Common Ground! The day ended up being beautiful after all the rain from the morning. I found some framed canvas that had flowers painted on it, and I brought it home and painted over the framed canvas because a lady named Miranda hired me to paint her an abstract. The end piece is the Red, White, and Silver painting shown here.


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