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Saturday, July 5, 2008

To See STEP 1 please go down and work back up.

These are all the little cupcakes I painted. I will try to sell some of them but mostly they will be gifts for friends. I hope you try to paint one for your friend too. Please let me know if you liked this instructional. Thanks, Edie
This is another version. Painted on canvas board and trimmed with upholstery fringe.
This is the finished piece. It was coated with Beeswax and embellished with metal scrap booking corners, stamped with the word Wish and I glued on some aqua buttons at the top corners after I cut off the shank on the back.


DeeDee said...

That was cool. I really like seeing how other people paint. Seeing your steps gave me ideas on things that I could try.
I assume that was acrylic paint? What kind of ink for the wash did you use? I haven't tried any inks yet.

renelli said...

I just now noticed that someone left me a comment, so sorry I didn't reply sooner. Yes, I did use acrylic paint, the brown stuff on the left side was Walnut ink. It was a powder that I bought and mixed up with water. The Walnut ink was not used as a wash though, so I didn't understand that part. I did do a wash to tone down the colors, that wash was very watery Gesso. I painted it all over the piece and then wiped some of it off. I hope that this helps you.
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