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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Information I didn't need!

Today I was sitting in my office at work minding my own business and I get this phone call from another co-worker. She proceeds to tell me that she needs someone to give a new employee a building tour and asks if I am available. I tell her yes, and ask why I am being asked to give this tour since it is not really my job or my department. She then comes right out and tells me that she is letting - - - - - go, and this will be the replacement person. I ask why - - - - - is being fired? She says the person has been absent too many times and doesn't get along well with her direct supervisor.
Well, it is Friday and now I have this terrible information sitting on my heart, no one likes to get let go from a job. And for all this person knew I could have been the best friend of the one she is letting go. I've been asked not to tell anyone about all of this but I can't believe that she gave me this burden to carry. Hell, I didn't even speak to this woman for 2 years because she did something else that pissed me off a long time ago, and now she thinks she can confide this kind of information with me. I should go to her supervisor and tell her what I know. What I want to do is tell the woman who is being fired what is coming her way next Wednesday.. but I don't want to get in trouble either. I hate this! Why me of all people? This isn't my job, this isn't even my department, and I'm really not supposed to know this kind of information. I'd want to know if I was getting fired, I'm a good person, shouldn't I tell - - - - - what is happening?

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