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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The 57th. Annual Jewish Book Fair is coming to Detroit!

I have been decorating!!! I just love it when I can get up from my desk at work and go do a PROJECT. Yes, I am the JCC Queen of the Project. My everyday job is being the Administrative Assistant in the Sports and Recreation Wing of the JCC, not very exciting and sitting at a computer and well... just a job. But... I am lucky enough to have project status and when there is a large event going on at the center I usually get to help out with decorations. This year our building services team of experts assigned me to work with Jim our Carpenter, and he built me a wooden arch that I made into a Book Arch. I used old hard cover books and paint to create a display to show off - What else... BOOKS! You can go to and click on the links for Book Fair to see the full schedule of events and here are some of the pictures of the Book Arch. Enjoy!

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