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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Day Today Sunday, Oct. 26th 2008

Marly Zack singing at her school choir concert!

Because today was a Sunday that means Al, my husband does his usual weekend stuff and I do my own thing so today here's what I did.

Slept till noon.

Did an exercise workout with Fit TV show. Took a shower. Put rollers in my hair.

Called into the live radio chat that artist Suzi Blu had going on, and I got through to speak with her. That was really cool, I never seem to get picked for these type of things. I admire her art so much and she is just a really really nice woman. Although we have never met I feel like we are becoming friends via technology. I have this huge house and she needs a place to move so I am trying to get her to come and move in here with me. She doesn't know me though and I don't blame her for being Leary ... but with some time I hope this works out.

Brenda Zack my very good friend (adopted family) invited me to join her and her family go see her daughter Marly sing in her school choir concert. Now let me tell you a little something about Marly Zack... this girl can SING! One day I will be saying "Oh, I was a family friend of her's before she was famous" you just watch and see...

It was a country themed concert which is why there is hay in the background of the picture, and the Western Hats abound. Anyway, she did a great job!

So now I am here checking email and getting ready to settle in for my Sunday TV watching till bedtime. I think this is a great day... hope you do too.

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