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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Commissioned Altered Books!

Weee, I'm giddy with excitement about having someone actually hire me to create a special book for them! I've been making altered books for 2 years and they have all been for myself but all of a sudden I'm getting customers. I was hired to make a special book for the person who worked so hard to pull the Macabbi Games event together here in Detroit. Karen worked for a year organizing this event that brought in youth athletes from all around the world to compete in what I will call for lack of a better explanation "Junior Jewish Olympics Games" we had over 2,500 teens descend upon the greater Detroit area for a week! It was such an amazing event and it took so much planning and team work to get it done, she really did a bang up job, so I got to make a book for her. Then this past 2 days I've been working on a special birthday book for another person. This book is being given to Mollene from her future daughter-in-law and her son. Since I don't know Mollene at all it was especially challenging for me to create her book because it's theme is all about her life. Luckily Hillary has worked with me and given me help with photos and such. So here are some of the pictures of these two books that I've been making for others and feeling like I am really beginning to reach some sort of artist status!

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