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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I always say I'm never going to do another one?

Every few years I get hooked into or at least agree to participate in an Arts and Crafts show, and at the end of each show I tell myself I'll never do another one. So here I am today lamenting over the last two days of yet another show where sales were lack luster! In all fairness the first day of the two it snowed a lot and many people didn't leave home if they were smart. The second day (today) we had traffic but that was the extent of it... no sales. It wasn't just me, it was every one. I would begin to think I had lost my creative mojo if I was the only one who had no sales, but it really was everyone. Well I take that back, not everyone but more than 3/4's of the vendors didn't make any sales. So I am stating it here publicly...

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