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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Original Art and it's Worth?

If you know of an artist that has somewhat of a name and you really like their work it probably wouldn't be a stretch to say that you would pay more for one of their original paintings. That being said, if someone sees your work and likes it enough to hire you to paint them an original commission how much do you charge? Is it simply the materials that it costs you plus some "by the hour" amount that you are willing to paint for, or is it a more complex calculation? I'd really like to hear from other artists out there that do commission work... how do you put a price on your work?

Here is the original picture that was seen at a show and the client said she wanted me to make one for her with her daughter's images in the work that she wanted.

1 original

16 x 24 mixed media (still for sale) $225.00

2. Here is the one I did for the client.

30 x 40 mixed media (Sold)


SMayer said...

Hi Edie: I went to school with your husband - Woodham '78. He mentioned you were an artist so I thought I'd look you up and see what kind of work you did. I'm just getting started trying my hand at some creative things. I really wrestled with the pricing issue. Drop me a line if you'd like to bounce some ideas back and forth.
Susan Mayer
susanmayer at mchsi dot net

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