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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting Realistic

So once again I've taken on a project that for me is quite a big bite. I am not a trained painter by any means, in fact up until recently I never tried to paint anything besides abstract designs or simple things like cup cakes. But now I've tried to do a commissioin of two sweet little girls and let me tell you faces are the hardest thing to paint. To be able to show depth and skin tones and hair colors as realistic is so hard. Maybe if I had gone to art school and spent many hours of formal training doing nothing but this I wouldn't feel so intimidated by this but anyway I am getting off the track... I am going to post the original picture that I ended up painting from, it's different from the one I thought I would use to begin with. Then I will post the follow up paintings and hopefull the final painting when I am completely done.

Tell me what you think?

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