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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Innocent Facebook Post

Recently, I posted something saying that the sound sytem at the West Bloomfield JCC was broken during an exercise class that I took , the post said "Muscle Jam at WB" it didn't even say the West Bloomfield JCC...anyway today my direct supervisor comes into my office and says "someone saw a Facebook post that said something about a music system being broken...I stopped her right there. I told her that I posted it, and didn't really think anything of it, except maybe it would get fixed. She told me to be more careful, so I wouldn't get in trouble.

I unfriended everyone who works with me! Geez, what a place this is, I feel like the KGB is watching me. What ever happened to free speech?


Katty.B said...

Why unfreinding them? you could just define once again your privacy settings, they wouldn't see any more post you share.

Anyway, you just have to be careful next time.


Amy Forsythe said...

just found your blog for the 1st time. it's great! all of it! i would block them all too. you've been offended - so screw them all. you gotta watch your back - however, katty.b has a good idea. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year vintage wedding!?!

Anonymous said...

your blog is amaizing,i would have done the same too ,facebook is just not the same anymore!!!