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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

December 24th Game Night

Being Jewish the old joke is that we eat Chineese Food and go to the movies on Christmas, which is pretty true for the most part. I actually have to work on the 25th during the day but afterwards I'm sure we will eat Chineese Food and see a movie.

Tonight however, (the 24th of Dec.)my good friend Brenda (who has adopted my little family of 3 into her big family of fun) invited my family to join her and a few other friends for dinner and game night, what fun! Even though we didn't play games and ended up watching a movie it was still all good. Sharing time with people you like, laughing, and cutting up is what makes life good, and rich, and full of joy! If you ever want to feel better do something nice for someone else, it really will bring a smile to your lips. Share your family with someone who might be alone, extend yourself just a little bit more this coming year, and help make the world a more loving place to be. DREAM BIG.

Many Blessings to Each and Everyone of you!

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