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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Dirty Show is Coming 2 Town!

My friend Terri told me about an art show that comes to the Detroit area every year around Valentines Day, it's called "The Dirty Show". The art content is all erotic in theme. She mentioned that there was a call out for artists to submit for this show, and I should submit my "special" pendant. So, OK lets talk about the pendant a little bit. Way back when at the time I was learning how to work with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) I made a piece for this way out guy and his girlfriend. They saw some segment of Real Sex and the guy wanted to commission an artist to make a silver CLIT of his girl. I used to work for a dentist and was very familiar with taking impressions of teeth, and pouring them up in plaster, so it wasn't a huge stretch for me to know how to make an impression of _ _ _ _ something, was it? So after many questions and a lot of back and forth we decided on a price and a plan to make them happy and me a bit $$ richer.

The whole process was actually pretty funny, but I handled it with the utmost professionalism, even while loading the alginate molding compound into a banana peel and then smashing it up against her lady town area. They were laughing and giggling and having a merry old time which did ease my tensions. After that, I left with the mold and finished the rest of the process at my house. I'm sure they had much more fun with me gone, if you know what I mean!

So I am entering Pussy Willow in the show, it's a copy from the mold but, maybe there is someone else out there that would like an original?
I am waiting to hear if it is being excepted in the show or not!

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