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Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb. 2008 in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Today is Feb. 1st. and I took the day off from work to help a good friend of mine decorate for her son Dylan's Bar Mitzvah, well we got hit with a snow storm last night and I'm glad I didn't have to drive into work today, but will I be able to drive to the location of the party to percisly place fabric here and there, or blow up 200 balloons? I have a huge driving fear during winter months, and although the city does a very good job of clearing the roads, mine are not done YET!

The plows haven't come to my streets, the driveway is full of snow and I'm scared. It's not quite 10:00 am and I still have time so I'm hoping. Here are some pictures of what real live snow looks like when I look outside my windows. Notice how the flag got ripped and tattered from the weather...

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