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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Always Good To Be Positive!

I was so positive that my group members were going to show up even though only two people RSVP'd to me that I bought Greek Salad for 10. I planned for more than I should have... I guess I will be having Greek Salad for lunch tomorrow too! I need to look on the bright side, I don't have to wake up and pack lunch in the morning, so I can sleep in 15 more minutes.
We usually don't finish our projects all in one night but some of us got pretty far. I am going to post the Booklaces that I did as samples for the class now, and after our next meeting on March 12th. I will take pictures of everyone's finished work.


Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu said...

WOW!!! These are great! I cant wait to get all grown up and have people over my house to craft. I just am still so busy just trying to do me that I forget to have fun. Having fun and working is good, but just having fun for fun is even better.

love ya like cooked food,

renelli said...

You are one of the most prolific crafters/artists I've ever met, you have small children, and run a house with not a lot of help. You are doing a lot! Plus you have a business, a blog, you teach and go to a lot of functions like CHA. I don't have kids at home and have so much time on my hands I have to look for things to do. Don't beat yourself up... that's your kids job! LOL
Love you,