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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cloth Paper Scissor's Paper Quilt Challenge


Dear Artist,
Your “True Colors” quilt has been chosen for the exhibit in Chicago! I entered the Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine challenge -Mixed Media Paper Quilts search and mine was chosen. It was supposed to be something that represented your personality as well as being made from mixed materials and paper. So I took a digital photograph of the cat painting that I did awhile ago, which is my symbol design on this blog. The painting was called "Social Butterfly" . The inside body of the cat is made up of different butterflies, which represent how I like to flit around, yet I am also quite a loner at times like many cats. Then I cut the color print out apart, separating the legs, and head from the body of the cat. I created a fabric backing and a painted and stamped background. Then I began to sew the pieces together like you would do in a crazy quilt. I added the Tea Cup and the metal #4, along with a picture of two women to show that I do like company in my life, even if it is only something as simple as having tea. The buttons added a nice finishing touch, don't you think?

Maybe I'll have to take a road trip during the Make it University Event and head off to Chicago!
Check out for more information about "Make it University"


Lauren Ferguson-Nwachukwu said...


I love it!! You make me so proud of you. I am honored to call someone as talented as you my friend.

Goodness Gracious. You are the best!!

love ya like cooked food,

renelli said...

I haven't read your blog in what seems like a long time, I'm going to check out what the award is all about right now, girl!