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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Speeding Ticket

This is a picture of a street in my subdivision. Well the other day I was pulled over to the right side of this street while a motorcycle cop was just finishing up giving another person a ticket on the left side of the street, right where all the rocks are. I WAS NOT SPEEDING AT ALL! Can I say that again... I WAS NOT SPEEDING AT ALL! I don't know how he could even begin to guess my speed because he did not have a radar gun or anything. My reaction at once was to look down at my speedometer, I was going 28MPH. What really bugs me is why would he pull me over? Now I know that I have had a few speeding tickets in my life and I was speeding when I got them. I've pulled over and knew I was at fault, politely took the tickets and just paid them. This time I was not speeding and I'll be dammed if I will pay it. I'm going to fight it. But will a judge believe me?

I've contacted a few attorneys to see what they would suggest, one said fight it but realize that you are going to have to pay something. The judge will not take your word over the cop. You'll be lucky to get a reduced ticket. That answer is not good enough for me. I want this thing DROPPED! Mind you I was not polite to this officer. I bitched him out... He was being a Jerk.

How can you pull someone over without radar? And he wrote me up for going 41 MPH in a 25 zone. This is my subdivision, I drive through it everyday, I saw him before he saw me. Do you think I'm going to speed past a cop? I'm so pissed I could kick him in the leg.

Anyone have any advise for me? I may end up in jail... I will not pay this ticket. I hope the judge believes me.

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