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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Circle of Friends is Getting Smaller.

It has occured to me that I just don't have that many friends that like to or are able to go out during the week day evenings. Some of my friends have small kids at home, most of my friends are married and have a husband or family obligations waiting for them, very few are free during Monday - Thursday evenings. I need to meet some new friends!
I tried to do this by answering an ad in a local paper (Craig's List) but when we actually met there was little the two of us had in common. So how does one meet friends when you are a mature age??? I like to make art, dance, have dinner out, and would exercise more with a partner. It's hard no matter what age you are to meet new friends but especially when you are older. My husband works out of town all week long and that leaves me with an open schedule most evenings and trust me there is only so much art you can make to keep yourself busy. So I am on a quest to expand my circle of friends.
If you like dancing the Somba, going places on a train, want to dance on a Wednesday, and you don't use a cane...
Contact me here and we can see if there is a connection!

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